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The birth of a scientific technological revolution in the twenty-first century

“Nanometre”, a unit of measurement for length in physics, is one-billionth of one metre (109m), Its dimension is about the same as that Of an atom or a molecule and metaphorically, When conventional materials are being sub-divided by technology to such an extent, its materialization could manifest in great changes as its massive potential energy is highly active and has possibilities imagination, This is what has always been referred to as “quantitative change to qualitative change”,

The fundamental definition of Nanotechnology is that in a microenvironment that is within the dimension of one nanometre, the ability of man to understand and change nature shall be elevated to the atomic and molecular level,’ through direct manipulation and rearrangement Of the atom, the molecule, the atomic clusters or molecular groups such that they are re-assembled, re-aligned to create new substances or products under this new and high-technology. Many in the scientific world have concluded, “Nanotechnology is the key to scientific development in the twenty-first century, It is a revolution of technology and will be the revolution Of industries too, The effects mankind brought about by Nanotechnology shall be as profound and lasting as that of the industrial revolution, the technology revolution, and the development of antibiotics and nuclear weapon…

Equation NanoTech’s Product Range

The Contribution to Mankind by Nanotechnology

Equation NanoTech (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a professional high technology corporation involved in the research and development, sales and distribution and consultancy services on Nanotechnology by combining scientific research, development, application and production.

The company incorporates multiple patents, ‘technology and complete production technological processes so as to take the lead in utilizing international cutting-edge Nanotechnology on consumer products. The company possesses core competitive advantages in the production and application of Nano-composite materials as well as technological graftings, High-tech Nano products developed by our company proprietary technologies can be used broadly in consumer products ranging from environmental protection, healthcare, agriculture, building, textile, medical, cosmetics etc,;having vast potential with substantial economic and social values. Nano-composite materials currently encompasses power materials, freshness maintenance and odour elimination materials, anti-bacterial materials, environment protection materials, building materials, cosmetics materials, weaving materials etc. Equation NanoTech has launched thirty-over products in four broad categories; namely the PowerCard series, Active Water Container serves, Nano Health Attire series and the Functional Core Material series,

The company is staffed with highly specialised technical and management professionals. We have long established rewarding partnerships with internationally renowned Nanotechnology and research institutions, industrial manufacturers, traders, dealers and financial institutions. The company draws from her extensive technical, product and marketing resources to; provide consultancy and services develop nanotechnologies and other industrial technological graftings, and undertake and invest in nanotechnological projects and collaborations.

Product Series:

  1. Nano PowerCard Series
  2. Active Water Container Series
  3. Nano Health Attire Series
  4. Functional Core Material Series
  5. Multi-functional Nanometer Composite Materials